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Issue 304: September 7, 2011 [Sep. 7th, 2011|10:03 am]
H/G News and Updates


Signups are now open for hg_seasonsfest's Autumn Exchange!
hg_seasonsfest issued a call for betas.
hpgw_drabbles issued a September Challenge - the theme is magical items.
catchmysnitch's September challenge is Owl Post.
This week's theme at hpgw100 is wisdom.
hgrhr_ficfinder is a new place to ask for help to find that elusive H/G or R/Hr fanfic.

masterofmystery shares DH2 poster artwork and a Potter family portrait.
psychic_serpent is continuing her commentary on her epic Harry/Ginny fic -- check out all the posts here.

fbo66 drew A Moment Alone and Miles from Where You Are.
solemnlyswear22 drew Soulmates.
Gold-Seven drew the Harry Potter Cast.
cloudninja9 drew Dumbledore's Army.
gredandforge drew Through the Forest (Harry)
Lewis3222 drew Harry.
Bakaiiko drew If Harry Potter was a girl....
hcwsketchblog drew Ginny
loleiasbits drew Ginny's wedding.
vivsters drew Ginny
okamint drew Ginny with her broom.
lauraelizabeth9 made 95 multifandom icons, including H/G.

quidditchmum wrote The Care and Handling of Harry's Pants - In which Harry eavesdrops and Ginny advises Hermione just exactly who will be responsible for the care and handling of Harry’s pants from here on out.
luna_plath wrote The Tough Option (5 parts - complete) After splitting up fifteen years ago Harry and Ginny are thrown together again when they search for their children during a detention gone wrong. But will their complicated history get in the way of forging a new relationship?
fics_by_fumph wrote Hand-Me-Down - Harry's lack of family history and tradition has never bothered him before until now.
mollywheezy wrote With a Little Help from Friends (Harry/Ginny, Neville/Hannah) Harry's and Ginny's jobs are making them tired and miserable. How will Neville's plant and George's invention help them?
tosca1390 wrote A Dependent Variable - “She also received an offer from the Department of Mysteries. Did you know that?”
Northumbrian wrote The Question Again - This is not simply a question; it is "the question". What will the answer be? Harry is a man on a mission.
parakletos updated The Sins of the Fathers with Chapter 8 - Syltherin Harry, sex and violence, male pov etc.
cibjasfad updated Knotted with Chapter 15 (AU) When Undesirable Number One hides in a strange cottage, the last thing he expects to find is Ginny, a mysterious, spirited young woman with magical abilities. An HP twist on Tangled.
serendipity_50 updated Inner Demons with Chapter 49 - Relationships are hard under normal circumstances, but Harry and Ginny don’t have the luxury of living normal lives...

dorotdsz wrote Discussing Albus.
greeneyed79 wrote Shades of Ginny.
mollywheezy wrote School Shopping.

The Fandom at Large
Round Seven of the hp_random_facts fest is now open! See the information post for details.

News? Links? Fic? Please help us collect the best of H/G by leaving a comment here or emailing us at hpgwotp at yahoo.com!

[User Picture]From: akzseinga
2011-09-07 02:20 pm (UTC)
Hi! I'm hosting this litle love fest for women who are unfairly hated in the fandom. Right now there are about six or seven people who claimed Ginny and are going to post positive entries about her for a whole week. I suppose some H/G shippers might be intersted in this :)

Edited at 2011-09-07 02:21 pm (UTC)
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