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Issue 307: October 5, 2011 [Oct. 5th, 2011|10:07 am]
H/G News and Updates


hg_seasonsfest posted header templates for submissions.
This week's theme at hpgw100 is longing
The October challenge at catchmysnitch is Merlin's Beard.
The October challenge at hpgw_drabbles is Hogwarts ghosts.
hp_humpdrabbles is hosting a sexy drabble-athon during the month of October, open to all pairings and genres. See here for details.

almightystarfish drew Save Ginny.
Loleia drew Summer Quidditch
Faynir drew It All Ends Here.
cocoameldis drew Harry and Ginny.
Whatever-Lu drew Protection
tbranch drew Study Time (Ginny, ADULT)
Ocean-Lilac drew It's Harry Freaking Potter
Catching-Smoke drew First Sign of Magic (Harry)
lies07 made 27 HP icons.
vampire_hearto made 107 HP icons.

northumbrian25 wrote Owl Post - Some letters are mundane, others are life changing. Some are both. When an owl delivers a standard form letter, a letter both Harry and Ginny have seen before, it's not only the recipient whose life is changed.
bethan_b_bad wrote Leda's Daughters (gen featuring Ginny) In the midst of battle, the women of Hogwarts dream of flying.
northumbrian25 updated The Drakeshaugh Dragon with Chapter 2 - Al Potter is a fearless and famous Auror. But sometimes he needs a little help from his daddy.
whirl_gig updated Happy Endings with Chapter 7 - In which Seamus wants some chocolate sauce, and Hermione thinks he should be ashamed of himself.
parakletos updated The Sins of the Fathers with Chapter 9 (no summary)
amys_creations updated Mischeviously Managed Brewery with chapter 23 - After the second war, Harry discovers his parents and their friends owned a brewery. Not sure what he wants to do with his life, he decides to become involved in the business. He and Ginny learn much about his parents and their lives.
serendipity_50 updated Inner Demons with Chapter 50 - Relationships are hard under normal circumstances, but Harry and Ginny don’t have the luxury of living normal lives...

dukebrymin wrote Magical Enhancements
dorotdsz wrote Magic Gone Wrong!
i_phianassa wrote Ache.
greeneyed79 wrote All It Takes.
vickystarfish wrote Autumn, Touch and Envious.

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Pottermore extends the beta test period & answers your questions.

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