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Issue 308: October 11, 2011 [Oct. 12th, 2011|06:30 am]
H/G News and Updates


This week's theme at hpgw100 is Work.
Bonnie Wright, Warwick Davis, Phelps twins chat at Harry Potter Leavesden tour Oct 13.

Fan Graphics
Ginny by clarkey-lou
Harry and Ginny by k8y411
A Simple Moment by Frizby
Black, Red, White by ula387

The Drakeshaugh Dragon by northumbrian25, updated with chapter 2: The Drakeshaugh, Al Potter is a fearless and famous Auror. But sometimes he needs a little help from his daddy.
Inner Demons by serendipity_50, updated with chapter 50: Relationships are hard under normal circumstances, but Harry and Ginny don’t have the luxury of living normal lives...
Mischievously Managed Brewery by amys_creations, updated with chapter 23: After the second war, Harry discovers his parents and their friends owned a brewery. Not sure what he wants to do with his life, he decides to become involved in the business. He and Ginny learn much about his parents and their lives.
Outtakes from a Marriage by luna_plath: He is often grateful that his children are far less imaginative when it comes to bad behavior, grateful that the worst he’s had to deal with is James’s fighting and Al’s sour attitude and Lily’s unconventional ways of thinking. An interlude in family life for Harry and Ginny.
Owl Post by northumbrian25: Some letters are mundane, others are life changing. Some are both. When an owl delivers a standard form letter, a letter both Harry and Ginny have seen before, it's not only the recipient whose life is changed.
The Question by northumbrian25: The question, it isn't simply a question; it is the question. What will the answer be? Ron and Harry are men on a mission.
The Sins of the Father by parakletos, updated with chapter 9: In 1879, to repay a debt of honour, Cyriac Weasley promises the hand of the next Weasley girl to be born to the eldest male heir of the Potter family. A reworking of many once original ideas that have now become clichés in the world of fanfic. This features Slytherin (and super!)Harry, a betrothal contract, redeemed (?) Bella and of course Ginny.

Hair by greeneyed79
Practicing by greeneyed79
Rowing is Work by mollywheezy
School Shopping by mollywheezy
Thaw by luna_plath
Work by vickystarfish
Work Benefits by writetress